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Beating Burnout Through Play

International positive psychology speaker Jeff Harry walks the walk and feels the feelings to help people live their lives to the fullest through play.

Nobody Knows What The Hell They're Doing, and that's OK!

Maybe we've forgotten how to play, but it's possible to access it.

Being in the zone or in "flow" is synonymous with play. If you think about the best moments of your life, they probably happened in that zone. Not while you were worried, stressed, overthinking, and recording yourself on social media!

Jeff suggests, for those who have trouble playing, to first try and calm your nervous system. Then think about the last time you played and what it was like. It may be more recent than you think.

To confront your fears, which are usually not as scary as you imagine, approach them with some play. In these highly uncertain times, nobody knows the "right" way to do things. We need to try things out and see how they go without expecting a specific result. Play is the same! Enjoyment without expectation.


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