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About Danny

My life has been defined by change and adaptation. Career-wise, I became a coach after a hard-earned 15 years as a photojournalist, including covering stories for The New York Times, shooting for magazines and corporations, and traveling widely for documentary projects. Deciding it was time for a change, I enrolled at NYU's coaching program, followed by The Flourishing Center's Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology. I'm obsessed with studying the latest research and being the coach I wish I'd had years ago. 


I found a natural fit in coaching because I had spent years observing, capturing, and communicating about human nature.  Also, as a first-generation American brought up in a cultural labyrinth, I have personally experienced major life transitions in several languages! Continually adapting to new environments and people at an early age strengthened my resilience and curiosity, and developed into a purpose: to learn about human identity and help others flourish with that insight. 

Every other Tuesday evening, I host a meetup for photographers. We are currently running a 16-module resilience workshop to teach you skills to bounce back better from any adversity!

I still love photography and you can find my portfolio here. ​

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