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Become a Certified Coach In Two Weeks

An intensive, ICF-approved coaching certification program.

Extraordinary Times Call For Extraordinary Measures

Given the coronavirus crisis and an increased sense of uncertainty in the world, we are offering a condensed version of the University of Lleida Master's Degree in Coaching in a two-week immersive program for 60% off the normal price.

The program will cover all of the required ICF competencies for an Associate Certified Coach, so participants will walk away with everything they need to be an official coach!

Most programs last for months and cost thousands of dollars, so this is a incredibly unique opportunity to receive high-quality coaching training at a sliver of the cost and a fraction of the time.

Instead of spending your quarantine trying to learn from a random assortment of YouTube videos and podcasts, focus your attention fully and become a duly certified coach!

There will be three cohorts– May, July, September– that will run every weekday from 9am-3pm EST.


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