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Submit your Inspirational Video

I'm excited to share your story on social media to help creatives work through their challenges!

Here's the guide/questionnaire for the short video.

The total video time will be ONE minute, so it's all about condensing your thoughts into tight sentences.

Once you complete these questions scroll down for more instructions.

Oh and make sure to keep a copy of your responses to use as your script. 


Next Steps:

1. Check out this sample video - this is how yours will look when I edit. 

2. Grab your phone and set it somewhere stable, quiet, and well-lit in a Vertical orientation.  

3. Record yourself close-ish to the camera (see example above), responding to the above questions very briefly. Each answer should take no more than 15 seconds! 

- Make sure to speak with a clear "period" at the end of each thought. 
- Don't use fillers - get straight to the point : )
- Leave room between questions for editing purposes
- Don't try to be perfect, nobody is! I'll make sure to edit out the spaces between your responses.

4. Submit your video to
this dropbox link here. You can send multiple short clips if you prefer.

That's it! I'll get to work on your video and post it pronto (with your tag)!


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