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Turn "Shoulda Coulda Woulda"

Into Repeatable Results.

Creative Career Development, Simplified.


Personalized Coaching With Danny

Ongoing support and accountability from a certified coach and experienced creative professional.  Message 24/7, schedule regular check-ins, get real-time input on your work. No AI's, no bots. A real human professional coach. 


Track and Assess Progress

Don't just imagine change, clearly see it visualized. Get help from your coach tackling patterns in your behavior.


Prioritize and Organize Goals

Co-create actions and milestones with your coach to move your project forward efficiently.

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Develop the Habits of Creative Success

Daily exercises and reminders delivered to your inbox to fuel your productivity. Use our recommended habits, and create your own. 


Constantly Growing Video Course

Learn about on the science and application of creative success, and request topics you want covered. 

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Personalized Coaching With Danny


  • Work one-on-one with a certified coach and experienced creative professional. 

  • Message your coach 24/7 for ongoing accountability and support. 

  • Stay on track with regular check-ins.

  • Get real-time feedback on your projects.​​

  • Never feel alone as a solopreneur.

  • Co-create your goals and habits in the platform.


"I credit my work with Danny for having effected major shifts in my clarity and mindset with respect to my creative practice, which in turn has led to major changes in my life circumstances. I now find myself in a period of professional thriving and abundance that has been unprecedented in my life to date, and I am grateful beyond words for these outcomes. "

- Kelli A., Installation Artist 

Prioritize and Organize Goals​

  • A simple system to define and stick to goals.

  • Get help designing reasonable milestones. 

  • Research-based questions to boost results.

  • Gain points toward a charity donation with each completed task to reinforce behaviors.

  • Stay aware of your "Why" to maintain motivation and focus.​​

  • Turn ideas that seem impossible into realistic actions.


"I began with a rather daunting decision-problem about my career path as the focus of our work, and within a few focused sessions he had provided me with enough of a fresh perspective that I was able to quickly narrow in on the path I really desired and start outlining actions and benchmarks toward my new goals. And he fostered a great sense of trust and openness throughout."

- Leo M., Director of Operations and Fine Artist

Develop the Habits of Creative Success

  • Rewire your brain for more productivity, happiness and efficiency. 

  • Use research-based, fun exercises to support creative solopreneurs.

  • Create your own custom habits to achieve your goals faster.

  • Reinforce positive changes by getting rewarded for each exercise.

  • Choose when to receive automated text and email reminders based on your schedule.


"My coaching with Danny was enlightening. He helped me uncover some very deeply held work philosophies, helped me articulate what I needed my next career step to be and what process I needed to do to get there. I set a major goal of getting to my next career step in a new job. Not only did I achieve that, with Danny’s coaching I was confident to ask above offer and ultimately received quite a bit over the original offer with an added bonus!"

- Kat K., Marketing and Communications Executive


Growing Video Courses

  • Learn about the science of goal achievement, creativity, productivity, habits, and more. 

  • Learn best business practices for creative solopreneurs.

  • Request for new videos to address any related topics you're interested in. 

  • Be the first to receive new content.

"If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, Danny is the person who will help you to get there. I can testify that he is the real deal. Working with Danny I learned to think more positively about myself, assessed the areas in my life that I'd like to improve and how do so, and taught me to change my approach to changing my current job search. I look forward to working more with Danny."

- Mark H., Creative Director and Photographer

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Track and Assess Progress​​​


  • Your coach will review results from daily reflections and habits to help you address obstacles. 

  • Graphs help you visualize and appreciate what you've accomplished over time. 

  • Notice ups and downs in your behavior so you can take control. 

  • Take the VIA Character Strengths Assessment and learn how to create a new strengths-based approach to your career.

"Danny helped me tackle and uncover deep-rooted questions related to my career and my craft. Through my coaching experience, I developed tools to define what each means for me, how to focus my efforts on my professional and personal aspirations and most importantly, identify what questions I should be asking to develop my personal growth. Danny's methods and philosophies have empowered me to grow as a professional and an artist."

- Maya, Product Manager, Photographer and Interactive Designer

Learn To Do this...

Instead of This...

Start Doing This...

Losing clients after just one gig.

Nurturing the right relationships longterm.

Waking up late and dragging yourself to your desk.

Getting enough sleep and feeling focused on specific goals.

Putting off networking with potential clients.

Finding a tribe that you want to spend time with.

Worrying about how you're being judged.

See competitors as sources for learning and growth.

Distracted by a ton of advice

on social media.

Focusing your attention in

ONE centralized program.

Constantly doubting your ability to succeed.

Become strengths-focused and confident in your future.

Neglecting your personal projects

Manage time and energy better to create space in your schedule.

Constantly putting out fires and wasting time.

Focus on priorities and eliminate distractions.

All Hustling Was Not Created Equal

(Hint: some people are more muuuch more efficient)

Dear Awesome Creatively Solopreneur,


I know you're exhausted by the grind and you just want to get paid doing work you love. So I have a couple of questions for you:


What would your life and business look like if you actually completed the projects you've always wanted?

I mean, think about it...

What if you could wake up day after day as the person you want to be, motivated and focused by your vision that earns you money?

You've already tried:

√   Listening to catch-all advice

√   Watching 'how to' videos

√   Listening to podcasts

√   Taking workshops

Yet your progress is still dragging.

That's because who you want to be is not something opinions and technical shortcuts can solve. 


To be the person you want requires a consistent, repeatable system that works for your brain. 

Think about people whose work is just OK, but somehow they're killing it out there. 

Just being great at the craft doesn't guarantee success, so what does?  Do they have some magical secret?

The secret is not just knowing what works, but also repeating it effortlessly like muscle memory, every damn day in a way that fits who you are. 

For example:

👉  Building your business deliberately, not by chance. 

👉  Truly focusing on your priorities.

👉  Thinking and feeling like a pro, and getting through self-doubt.

👉  Actively practicing a healthy work-life balance.

👉  Developing client relationships strategically.

👉  Making $$$ money so you have time for personal work.

Consider why you aren't doing this already. Is it your intelligence? No. Your skill level? No. Your looks? No way, you're totally sexy. It's the thoughts and behaviors that make up your habits!

This coaching platform has helped hundreds of freelancers and employees from companies like Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, and GM transform their professional and personal life. The tech was developed by a behavioral scientist, and the program is by me, a coach and longtime creative.


At a tiny fraction of the cost of private coaching, you don't need to be a bank executive to get high-quality professional guidance. 

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