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Hi, I'm Danny! And I want you to know...

You can feel certain in the uncertain world of creative solopreneurship.

I get it: all you want is to dive head first (maybe even gloriously belly flop) into a pool of creative juices and produce inspiring and fulfilling work that will change the world while making a big ol’ pile of cash! 

But it seems impossible because, even though you know you’re really good at your craft, you keep hitting the same walls over and over and over again.  And it makes you want to smash your head against said walls (think The Mountain in Game of Thrones).

It hurts my soul to watch you guys experience all that  frustration when I know it’s not necessary.

You don’t need to suffer for years to "cut your teeth" or "earn your stripes" (or whatever the saying is). It's true, you've chosen a challenging path.  Being a freelancer is not a steady 9-5 job with a guaranteed paycheck every week, but remember: you hate that mess! 

I started this business to help you learn a better way so you don’t cave into shitty clients and bad habits, and instead do what you came here to do. The good news is- oddly enough- you already have all the knowledge you need.


I became a brain science nerd to help you make sense of that jumbled mess of knowledge and skill in your head and turn it into results.


You don’t need to change who you are to be happy and successful. My passion is to help you start with the awesome person you already are and supersize that motherf***er.


I’m committed to helping you:

  • Make room for your creative work

  • Feel confident in putting yourself out there

  • Get over your self-defeating thoughts

  • Honing your personal style and avoid comparing to others

  • Stop internalizing things that have nothing to do with you

  • Organizing your life and focusing on the projects you care about

  • Trust in yourself to thrive even during slow periods

  • Know, show, and grow your strengths instead of wasting time compensating for weakness.

I know what solopreneur madness feels like

Because I've been there since 2006. It took an ungodly investment of time, energy, money, and sanity to “reach success” (in quotation marks because a lot of the time it didn’t feel like success). Given the right tools, it could have been done with a calmer sense of certainty, way more efficiency, less procrastination and more action, and with a state of mind that actually brought joy to my everyday life.


Years of navigating my own mental shit storm was hard, but it created an opportunity to build a life and business I love.


In a way, my work is about helping my younger self, or people who resemble my younger self.  So many creatives are out there feeling stuck and struggling to stay afloat. I feel blessed to have the tools to help them with a more efficient process.

How did I end up here?

All the years of things not quite making sense have coalesced into what I love about being Danny today.


It wasn’t easy being a tiny immigrant from Colombia with my loud Jewish family and landing in the midwestern US. Adaptation became a central theme in my life early on- a new city, school, and friends every couple of years as my doctor dad went wherever they placed him (eventually in sunny Florida). My decision later in college to study photojournalism was primarily an effort to understand the world and find my place in it. The truth is, for a long time I felt lost and disconnected.


Not to mention the side effects of high anxiety, overcompensating for weakness, constant circular thinking, fear of being “found out” as a fraud, paralyzing perfectionism, and the list goes on!


It took a long time before realizing it’s totally possible to reprogram your brain, and that searching outside yourself isn’t the answer.

I spent many years observing and reporting on human behavior as a professional journalist, meeting strange and successful earthlings while working for The New York Times and various fancy companies, and traveling to document the spectrum of humanity for personal work. This was part professional ambition, part hero complex, and part introspection and deep mindset work. A combination of many forces- including luck and time- helped me reconnect and give myself permission to just be. From this new head space, I went back to school to study the science of coaching and positive psychology, which led me to an “aha” moment…

My growth as a photographer (and general human being!) could have happened faster and without so much struggle if I’d received a different kind of education.


It turns out many of the obstacles I faced are super common, which means lots of nerds in lab coats have studied the heck out of them and come up with research-based tools to help people more effectively. My mission is to pass this on through the coaching process so you can sail through your life and career more smoothly.

Some fun and mostly useless tidbits about me!

  • My dog Luna is a fluffy muppet, and my wife and I swear there’s an actual person living inside her.

  • I play Dungeons & Dragons with a group of friends as often as possible. Wish I could go back in time and discover this as a kid! Reminds me of all the fantasy video games I love but, like, in real life.

  • My family comes from Colombia, Peru, Israel, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Argentina, and probably others I’m forgetting. The food is awesome.

  • I used to rock climb a lot until I hurt my foot, so now my exercise is HIIT training and it totally destroys me every time.

  • In college I tried out a few majors - architecture, pre-med, digital arts engineering, and finally journalism. Probably shoulda gone with psychology.

  • I lived in India for about 6 months working on some doc projects and at one point got chased out of a hospital by a pack of 30 monkeys.

It’s time for your creative brilliant brain to start working  for you instead of against you

It is completely possible to feel good about uncertainty, in control of your time, confident about your work, and energized throughout the process.


It is is totally learnable to make decisions without second-guessing the shit out of everything and comparing yourself to others.


You can stop procrastinating, avoiding the things you want to do because of the things you don’t, and draining yourself while trying to get it perfect.


It’s time to show up in your business as your full, kick-ass potential and blow your own mind!



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