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Hey there, I'm Danny!

(How about that sick Star Wars font??)

I'm a creative business coach (and longtime pro photographer), and I help solopreneurs like you overcome the seemingly impossible demands of freelance life so you can execute your dream projects, without caving into underpaid gigs and gimmicky marketing advice.

I know you want a career that lets you live independently, and focus on what you really care about, whenever you want to (like the esteemed gentleman pictured below).

Fortunately, right now is prime to build that kind of business... buuuuuuuut as you know, it’s not easy knowing how to spend your time and stay on task.


There’s SO much opportunity out there that it’s confusing just trying to figure out where to start. It's like walking down the cereal aisle in the grocery store when you just want some damn Fruit Loops and see 10,000 options. 


All these beautiful possibilities are actually keeping you from making any progress toward running the business you want, because you can’t figure out what the hell you’re supposed to be doing. And that's partly why you're feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

I mean, if we're being honest -- you're using up a ton of time, AND money, AND energy, AND brain cells on expensive garbage that isn't helping you feel better or get clients. (Does this ring a bell? Fancy gear, workshops, "master classes" with celebrities, "how to" books, marketing and design services, booze).


Meanwhile, your mind chatter feels like a bottomless pit, which means you’re probably procrastinating on doing what you really want because it feels like no matter what you do the results just don't seem to come. Amaright?


Oh, not to mention that you are totally consumed by a never-ending list of "shoulds" that bleed into your personal life.

"It's like having a really unbiased, wise person in your brain. It's not just you running in circles and circles."


For this to work you gotta be ready to dive deep and get acquainted with my favorite c-word...


It’s time to stop hoping the answers will magically appear on their own.


Repeating the same patterns and following advice ain't gonna move you forward. 

You don't need someone to tell you what to do because the answers are already in your head.  Because you are a member of the human species you inherently know what's right for you. It's science, dude.

You have the brain muscles, you just need a personal trainer to help you use them more efficiently. 

The best part is, once you know the drill you can use it for the rest of your life!

Take the right  actions that will actually make a difference in your career. 

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I credit my work with Danny for having effected major shifts in my clarity and mindset with respect to my creative practice, which in turn has led to major changes in my life circumstances. I now find myself in a period of professional thriving and abundance that has been unprecedented in my life to date, and I am grateful beyond words for these outcomes. 

Kelli A.

I began with a rather daunting decision-problem about my career path as the focus of our work, and within a few focused sessions he had provided me with enough of a fresh perspective that I was able to quickly narrow in on the path I really desired and start outlining actions and benchmarks toward my new goals. And he fostered a great sense of trust and openness throughout. 

Leo M.

My coaching with Danny was enlightening. He helped me uncover some very deeply held work philosophies, helped me articulate what I needed my next career step to be and what process I needed to do to get there. I set a major goal of getting to my next career step in a new job. Not only did I achieve that, with Danny’s coaching I was confident to ask above offer and ultimately received quite a bit over the original offer with an added bonus!

Kat K.

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